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Carbon steel flange should be noted in daily use


Large diameter butt weld elbow with good production and processing technology, in the actual use and production of good performance and value for different industries have a certain value and contribution to meet the performance value of different industries.
Nominal diameter of the threaded flange: 8 ~ 50 Working pressure: 1.0 ~ 2.5 Plate thread flange material: stainless steel.
Carbon steel flange should be noted in daily use: First of all, we do not place the carbon steel flange in a wet place, because carbon steel and water for a long time will rust, the surface will change, the mechanical properties will be changed accordingly , Which gives us the use of trouble, so we should try to avoid, and then we should be careful not to hit the carbon steel flange with hard things themselves, so that the carbon steel flange surface scars, in case of serious injury to the sealing surface will be So that the seal after the less solid! Carbon steel flange as it as a connector, mainly by the carbon steel flange and the end of the flange to connect a device, its connection is still a certain specific It's just a device that connects the carbon steel flange to the end flange